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They Are ALL About Love!


Dad never wanted a dog until he had to have one, then I came along and changed his life forever!


Dad swore "never again" after Sabrina crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. He said the pain of losing her was too great.


People laughed and made fun of me when show judges didn't like me, but Dad never gave up o me and I had the last laugh!

Things my pet-children taught me

By Sabrina, Tia's & Charlie's Dad

For someone who never wanted a cat or dog, I can’t imagine my life without one by my side!

Over the past thirty-four years, God has seen fit to provide me with several of his special needs pet-children. Whether facing surgery, living with medications, battling cancer or renal failure, Sabrina, Charlie, Tony, Tia and Holly have never given up. They began each day with a smile on their face!

As for my wife, Carla and me, we've shed more than a few tears as we waited for surgeons to call and tell us that everything was going to be just fine.

What have these amazing pet-children taught me? That love has no boundaries. They have taught me to see, feel, and love without reservation - introduced me to feelings I never knew I possessed, the meaning of foregiveness, an that every minute of every day is special. You can't take life for granted.

I have come to believe in a higher power as every one of these unique creations was loaned to us. Most important, they transformed me into a better person than I thought I could be.

They have never been looked upon as dogs and cats and never will be!

Don Landy

is a nationally recognized expert on the subject of pet love and loss. Speaking at Book Stores, Universities and before Civic Organizations. Available for: Radio, TV and Print media.

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